What is Acne Face Map and What it tells about your overall Health?

Face mapping is an ancient practice that has been around for a long time. Our ancestors used this for a number of reasons. It guides a lot about the overall health of our body. Today, we are going to talk about what is acne face map, how to use it, and what it tells about our health.


What is acne face map?

The acne face mapping or otherwise known as the face mapping, is an ancient Chinese technique. The Chinese doctors, scholars and other professionals often make use of it in order to check for the problems that were present in the internal system of a person. According to them, the face was a major representation of the health, fortune, and energy of an individual. An individual with experience in face reading technique can get to know about the health of a person (both physical and mental) and can track the footprints of emotional stability. And according to them, all this was possible only if a person learns to examine the shape and outlay of a person’s face. The acne is among the biggest problems that we face today. Often people have acne outbreaks on their face. Face map will let you know its cause and where you actually have to imply treatment.

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How did ancient Chinese did face mapping?

There were three main things that come into count when one was reading the face. First of all, the person reading your face has to take a look at its features that will guide him/her about the energy levels. Secondly, there are certain life points that expose some knowledge about the lifeline. Thirdly, there are the ‘three divisions’ that consist of the forehead, midface and lower face of a person. These give insights about your personality and character traits. Moreover, the reader will also come to know about the strength of immunity and health of a person. Mainly, the face mapping reveals about the digestive system and circulatory system of an individual.

Today, we consider skin as an object that relays information regarding our age and appearance. However, to the ancient people, it was not just these two things that our facial skin states. They took it as a window through which they can reach a person and have his/her insight. For them, it was a reflection of everything that a person might perform including their habits, health, lifestyle and character. For them, it contained clues about the entire existence of a person from start to end.

Since your face was divided up into various zones by the Chinese, they knew that which part was connected with which organs. They were aware of the fact that from where energy flows in that part of the body. Therefore, they utilized it as a base for their examinations. In case that everything was normal, the features had to be in appropriate shape. If there was something odd or missing or excessive about any particular part of your face, it was an indication of something is wrong inside your body.

You may wonder that how they can connect the skin with an entire life of a person as the life keeps on changing. Well, we know that with time, our skin changes as well. There are shapes, marks, and scars as well as soft tissues. Some of them change with the time while other stays or completely vanish from our skin. Therefore, the Chinese believed that as the skin can change, the person can always transform himself or herself.

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Do we use face mapping today?

If you take a look at the Eastern part of the world, you will find that this technique is not in practice. If you are a reader that belongs to this part of the globe, it will surely be something amazing and amusing for you. However, it is true, and it was into practice in old ages a lot. Even today, some parts of the Western world can be seen putting this type of health examination into practice. Even the researches are being done on how one can make this method even better and efficient. However, unfortunately, science is yet to back up this theory and due to this many people consider it as a bluff or something that is ‘just a guess nothing more.’

Although it is believed that the face mapping can reveal about the personality and other aspects of life that include personal matters, people focus more on the health part. It is because firmly believe in the idea that our facial parts indicate something about the health relating to the rest of the body. Therefore, you may be able to find a person who can offer the service of acne face map to let you know about where the problem lies in your internal system.

How do we use acne face map?

From Chinese, we have learned that how acne face mapping can help us in knowing the actual cause of outbreaks. The face is divided into multiple zones, and each of them is associated with a particular internal organ. Here, we are going to discuss about the acne that occurs on forehead, eyebrows and between brows, nose, cheeks, mouth and around lips, chin, and ears.

What acne face map says about Forehead Acne

Many people that are living in the modern era have acne on their forehead. The breakouts at this region of your face, according to Chinese face mapping technique, suggest that the issue lies somewhere in your digestive system. Moreover, the small intestine and liver can be among the internal parts of the body that are suffering from some issue. In case that all these are working appropriately, a person should take a look at the sleep cycle and diet. Irregular sleeping with poor nutrition can contribute to acne on forehead. To some people, the hair products are highly reactive, and a strong reaction to them may also lead to acne in this region.

In order to get rid of the forehead acne, one should get around minimum 7 hours of sleep each day. Moreover, drinking a lot of water will aid you in flushing the toxins. Consider your diet as there are some foods that also trigger breakouts. Avoiding sugary drinks and foods and checking the products that you use for facial skin and hair can help you in figuring out where the problem lies.

Temples or Eyebrows or between Brows

If the acne is on temples, eyebrows, or between brows, it suggests that the blood circulation in your body is not decent. Furthermore, it is also an indication that the gallbladder can be malfunctioning. If you are a person taking processed foods, alcohol, or meals that have high-fat content, you must start avoiding it. Drinking water in abundance and checking your diet for the elements that trigger acne problems is always handy.


There are times when you get pimples and acne on your nose. If you have it in this region, it can be an indication that you are not taking proper diet. Moreover, constipation and bloating are also among the problems due to which you are suffering from acne on the nose. The acne face map also states that a person who has pimples on nose must check for the gastrointestinal imbalance. Indigestion and poor blood circulation are a few other causes of acne in this region.

When you have acne around these areas, go for vitamin B supplements and reduce seasoned foods in your diet. Massaging the area can always be of great help.


In Chinese acne face map, the left cheek is of great importance. It has a number of internal organs associated with itself. The breakout in this region can be because of the problem in lungs and liver. Overeating, which will, in turn, cause stomach problems, can also trigger acne in this region. Check your cell phones as they might be dirty as well as the pillows or other things that come in contact with your cheek.

Keep your skin clean and try to use products that do not irritate it. Changing pillowcases, wiping the cell phone screens to ensure that there is no bacteria or dirt, staying calm and relaxed can eliminate acne from these areas.

Mouth and Lips region

When a person has pimples on the mouth or near lips, it means that constipation can be very well on its way. Avoiding spicy and fried foods while increasing the intake of fiber at the same time can make these pimples vanish.

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The hormonal imbalance in the body of a person can cause acne on chin. If you are a female, you may very well be suffering from gynecological problems. Furthermore, the inappropriate working of the kidney can also cause outbreaks in this region.

Taking omega-3s will help in keeping the hormones working well and ensuring a balance between them. By having it, along with appropriate rest and right water intake, you can reduce acne on your chin.


The large pimples on the surface of your ears suggest malfunctioning of your kidney. It means that the kidney of a person is not working in the right manner. You may have to check the nutrients that you are taking and the water that you drink on a daily basis. Keep yourself away from salt and caffeine and drink as much water as possible.


My Verdict

I do not believe in acne face map because it is a sort of astrology of skin. And because there are a lot of things that contribute to acne outbreaks on our skin; stress, sleeping with makeup, improper hygiene, hormones, touching your face with unwashed hands, not enough sleep etc. etc. or simply visit a dermatologist because who knows better and can suggest better treatments for your acne.
In case you want to do your homework acne and want to try its treatment at home with natural remedies, then there are many articles about causes and methods to get rid of the pimples, blackheads, Zits, and whiteheads that I have written about. Make use of search bar for further reading…

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