Biggest Pimple in the world – Popping Giant Zits

You might not conclude that which one is the biggest pimple in the world, but in the below videos I am going to share some clips that claims of having a Guinness world record for biggest pimples in the entire world.

I am sharing these clips with you so that you may feel grateful for what you have i.e. small and normal zits.


Image Credits: durianrider

Warning: These videos contain so much gross! Don’t play it just before dinner and Watch it at your own risk!


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Biggest Pimples in the world Videos

Have a look at these huge pimples being popped with a lot of white and yellow stuff in it.

Best Pimple Pop ever. Ewwwwww


Popping a Mega Zit on Face


Another One from Dr. Pimple. Hell of a whiteheads and Blackheads Extraction


This guy has some tips for you on biggest cysts and how to avoid it


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