Different Types of Pimples and How to Identify them


Understanding the type of pimples you have, should be your first step in order to go for their various methods of treatment.

Some are Normal Whiteheads or Blackheads while others are Papules, Pustules, Nodules, and cysts etc.

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  • What is a Pimple?
  • Difference between Pimple and Acne.
  • Types of Pimples.
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What is a Pimple?

Basically, It is a type of Acne. A Pimple is one of the many results of Residue Oil getting trapped in the pores of the skin. The trapped oil under the skin causes the skin to tend outside with a black or White tip on it.

The Common spots for Pimples are Face, Shoulders, Chest and back.


Difference between Pimple and Acne

Acne and Pimples are two different conditions which is not easy for everyone to differentiate between them.

Here’s few major points to know what actually Acne and Pimples are:

  1. Acne is a broader term while Pimple is a type of Acne.
  2. Any Breakout on the skin is called acne but Pimple is a specific type of acne.
  3. Acne are caused by the blockage of Follicles whereas Pimples are caused by blocked skin pores.
  4. Acne may or may not have a head while Pimple should must have a head.
  5. Acne is painful while Pimple is not Unless it is severe.
  6. Acne can be enormous while Pimples are milder.

Now you should have a good idea about the difference between Acne and Pimples.


Types of Pimples:

Various types of Pimples are:

  • Whiteheads


Whitehead on a face

Small and hard bumps of White color are whiteheads. Whitehead is a form of Non-Inflammatory pimples like blackheads etc.

Whiteheads rises when the Hair pores gets blocked due to the excess amount of Sebum (or simply oil), dead white blood cells (or pus) and Bacteria.

Since the oxygen can’t go inside the closed pores and react with oil, these pimples acquire White or Yellowish color as that of Sebum(yellowish) and Pus(white).

Whiteheads usually occur on the face but can also be expected on other parts of the body too.

What to Know More?

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  • Blackheads

Small and Soft dots/bumps of black (or dark grey) color on skin are called Blackheads, dermatologically classified as Comedones (comedo if singular).



Blackheads occur when the Hair Follicles remains open and gets filled with the Pus and Sebum. They mostly appear on the nose.

The shape and color of Blackheads, is because of the flow of oxygen and oxidizing of the debris inside follicle.

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  • Papules


    Papules on Nose

Papules are confined, hard elevation of skin having no fluids, can appear in small to medium sizes. Its color can be red, pink, purple or brown. A close cluster of papules will make your skin feel like the sandpaper.

Papules pop up when the Clogged Follicle gets burst and the excessive amount of Fluids make their way out. This is also called inflammation.

These are the type of Pimples you do not want to be rude with them, else it can reward you with more of its kind or leave a scar.


  • Pustules


    Pustules on the face

Pustules are same like papules except they are larger and filled with white or yellow Pus. They are painful in touch and can leave a permanent scar or dark dot if you are hastened to pop it.

Wait until it becomes whitehead, then you can carefully get rid of it.

The combination of Papules and Pustules on skin can be often found in Teenagers.


  • Nodules

Nodules are much larger, painful, and hard than the previous kinds of Pimples and usually have no pus in it. The skin feel sucked outside which makes you uncomfortable.


Nodule on someone’ eyebrow

Nodules occurs when the follicle gets more irritated of fluids in it and got deeper into the skin, which then damage the tendons and muscles, that is why they are also called the deeper pimples and can only be treated by a Skin Doctor called dermatologist.

Remember that there is no Home Remedies available to treat Nodules, Don’t try it, else you can get in trouble with some serious kind of skin diseases.


  • Cysts


    Cyst on the back of the head

Cyst is a type of pimples that occurs within the deepest layer of the skin, have pus in it and are softer.

They are hard and create pain when touch. In case of cysts you need an immediate dermatologist’s assistance.


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Final Words

You have read and understand the various kinds of pimples. I want to add something to it, these pimples are not specifically limited to only one part of the body but they can occur on face, head, forehead, chest, or anywhere on your body.
What type of pimples you got? Let us know in the comments.

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