ER Doctor Misdiagnosed Cancer as a Pimple, A Florida Family Claims


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When a 17 years old Joseph discovered a big lump (half the size of a golf ball) behind his ear, his mother Teressa Hyatt took him to an Emergency Room for treatment, in June.

A guy came in and said hmm it’s a pimple, without doing any blood tests, Teressa Said.

Even Teressa informed the ER guy about her mother, father, and a Navy brother who have lost their lives fighting cancer, Teressa’s sister is a cancer survivor, and Joseph himself had beaten melanoma last year.


The nurse and an ER doctor treated his big lump as teen acne, and the discharge papers included instructions about acne treatment and a suggestion to follow up with his primary care physician.


Discharge Papers Source: YouTube

After two days of that, Hyatt took him to his doctor. After the initial tests, the doctor suggests them to go to the Shands Cancer Hospital in Gainesville for a biopsy.

And the result was shocking, the big lump on the back of joseph’s ear was actually a Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a kind of cancer).

The biopsy only removed the tumor, not all of the cancer cells. So the high schooler would have to undergo another surgery.

In an email to the outlet, a spokesperson of the St. Joseph’s Riverview Hospital Stated this,

“ERs are designed for true medical emergencies and they focus on treating people who have been seriously injured or are gravely ill and in a lot of pain.”

While the Hyatt’s still protests against the carelessness of the ER staff and plan to tell their story to anyone who will listen.

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Some lessons we can learn from this:

  • Emergency Room and the staff is meant to take care of the things that may kill you, don’t go to an emergency room if you haven’t any emergent problem.
  • If you have a 2nd opinion about your health that something else is going on with your body or health, then always make sure you follow up with your family care physician.

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Source: ABCactionNews


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