12 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scabs Overnight Fast


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A scab is a rough and protective crust that appear over a cut or wound, it is a natural healing process  of a wounded part of the skin.

If you are here to know how to get rid of acne scabs fast, then read the full article carefully till the end and I am sure you will be able to treat your scabs at home.

Scabs provide protection from germs and bacteria and help speed up the healing process, so do not remove it by force and wait for few days until it becomes ready.

If you try to remove a scab by force, then there is a good chance of forming a scar.

The aim is to keep the scab moisturized and pliant to speed up the healing process beneath the scab.

Natural Home Remedies to get rid of acne scabs

Try these home remedies for treating acne scabs naturally rather than investing in various expensive skin products.


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1) Warm Compress for healing scabs fast


• Take a clean cloth or towel and soak it in the warm water.
• Press it onto the acne scab for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Do this at least 2 times a day.
• Do not scrub or pull on your skin, just hold it against the scab.

The heat and moisture will help to make the scab soften, then it can come off easily and naturally. It is also helpful in healing the wound beneath the scab.

To avoid the risk of infection, apply Neosporin or Bacitracin after this process. Also, it will help in healing the current scabs and prevent the formation of new scabs.


2) Epsom Salt


Taking a bath in Epsom salt can also heal the scabs and reduce its redness.
• Fill a tub with warm water.
• Add Epsom salts in it.
• Soak the area having acne scabs for an hour or more.
• After soaking, take it out of the water and dry it off smoothly.

The Epsom salt is used for tightening the scabs and water for moisturizing it.
Repeating this method will remove the scabs naturally.


3) Tea Tree Oil for scabs


Tea Tree oil is known for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties and it is widely around the world for decades. It is obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant.


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Steps for curing scabs with Tea Tree Oil:
• Wash your scabs with any anti-bacterial soap.
• Rinse it off with clean water.
• Dry the scab area with a soft towel.
• Apply the oil gently with a piece of cotton.
• Perform this method for 2 or 3 times a day.

This will remove the scabs effectively and efficiently.


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4) Plantain Leaves for getting rid of acne scabs


Using Plantain Leaves for getting rid of Acne Scabs is a well-known technique being used for ages.

Steps to Follow:
• Extract the juice from about 10 Plantain Leaves by pounding.
• Apply the fresh oil to your scabs.
• Leave it for a minimum time of 10 minutes, you can leave it on for a whole day too if it doesn’t irritate you.
• Rinse it off with clean water.
• Dry your skin gently.

If you can’t acquire the fresh Plantain Leaves, then purchase the dried ones from any Herbal retailer. Then add any oil to it and make a paste by heating.


5) Aloe Vera for Acne Scabs


Aloe Vera is also an oldest home remedy for healing the acne scabs quickly and all other cuts and wounds. The good thing about Aloe Vera is that it is easily available in majority of the people’s own houses.

Follow these steps:
• Cut off a small piece of Aloe Vera plant.
• Squeeze it and extract the juice out of it.
• Apply that liquid on your scab areas with the help of a Cotton wool.
• Leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes.
• Rinse it off with water.

If you want to see some fast results, then it is recommended to leave the Aloe Vera liquid on the affected areas overnight, else repeat the process four times a day.

If you don’t have Aloe Vera plant, then you can buy its leaves from many grocery stores or Order its Gel from Amazon.


6) Use Baking Soda to get rid of acne scabs fast


Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate) is a strong remedy because of its super anti-bacterial properties, It kills the microbes and keeps you safe from various infetions.

It has many names like Bread soda, cooking soda and bicarbonate of soda.

How to Use it for removing scabs?
• Take 10 grams of Baking Soda.
• Add about 100 ml of water and mix it thoroughly.
• Apply the paste on your pimple scabs area.
• Leave it for about 10 minutes to become dry.
• Repeat this method daily.


7) Using Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), also called Cider Vinegar, is found to be beneficial in curing the scabs and various other skin problems, maintaining pH balance and improving the Cells growth. It also kill the acne-causing bacteria.


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How does it work:
• Take a 5 ml of ACV.
• Mix it in about 50 ml of water.
• Apply it on your scabs with a cotton ball.
• Leave it on for 20 minutes.
• Rinse the scab area with warm or lukewarm water.

Please Do not try to use a pure ACV on your scabs, make sure to dilute it first.


8) Onion or Garlic for removing scabs


Onion and Garlic both have natural properties like antibacterial and antifungal which promotes healing without leaving a scar.

• Take a few drops of Onion or Garlic juice.
• Apply it on your acne scabs with a Q-tip or a cotton ball.
• Leave it for 10 minutes, you can leave it overnight for good results.
• Rinse it off with warm water.

Onion and Garlic liquid can be uncomfortable for some people, if you are one of them then opt for any other method from the list.


9) Try Honey


Almost everybody knows the outstanding natural healing properties of honey like it is anti-bacterial, its antiseptic and disinfectant. It is a cure for many diseases and can be consumed orally or applied superficially.


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Follow these steps
• Apply the honey to your scabs with a Q-tip or cotton wool.
• Let is stay for 20 to 30 minutes, or leave it overnight.
• Cover the scabs with a Band-Aid or common gauze.
• Repeat this method 4 to 5 times a day.
Honey is also beneficial in removing the redness.
All type of honey will do the job but recommended one is Manuka honey.


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Acne Scabs Treatment with other Products

Sometimes people are so lazy or busy that they cannot prepare and use home remedies for a specific treatment. Because of the lack of availability of some ingredients and efforts required for making a mixture or paste, Commercial products in stores are available to fulfill our needs.

Some of these products are:


1) Using Vaseline for curing Pimple Scabs

As most of us know that Vaseline is used for curing the dried skin especially when the weather is dry because of its healing promoting properties.
Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly ) can be quite helpful in treating Acne scabs.

How to cure pimple scabs with Vaseline?
• Clean your scab area especially if it is leaking pus or blood.
Remember that green pus indicates infection, if that’s your case then approach a skin doctor immediately.
• Dry the scab area with a clean towel.
• Apply a Vaseline layer on your scabs and leave it on overnight.

Petroleum Jelly works as a lubricant which will keep your scabs moisturized and protected from many infections.

Also, it will loosen the scabs from the main wound.

With this method, you can get rid of your dry and crusty scabs overnight but the beneath wounds can take some time to heal completely.


2) Aloe Vera Cream

If you can’t find Aloe Vera leaves then use its cream or gel to cure your scabs efficiently.

As Aloe Vera comes in different forms like cream, lotion, and ointment etc, so you can choose one product of your choice from your nearest pharmacy.

The applying procedure is same as that for natural Aloe Vera Liquid.


3) Try Aloe Vera Gel

The healing properties of Aloe Vera gel is no different than that of Aloe Vera Cream or liquid from natural leaves.


Wrapping Up

So, these are some working methods by which you can easily get rid of  your acne scabs and can get a sigh of relief and freshness.
Please note that all the methods may not work for you, for example Using Baking Soda may work for you but won’t heal your friend’s scabs. Similarly, Onion juice may not work for your pimple scabs on face but it may remove your friend’s scabs.

Try one remedy at a time for about a week or two, if you don’t see positive results then start using another one from this list, don’t worry you will find your most effective remedy soon!

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