7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids (Piles) – Fast and Naturally

Hemorrhoids can be painful but not life-threatening and tend to vanish on its own. So, if you are really irritated from those painful and swelling causing Hemorrhoids, then this guide is for you. I will be telling you a little bit about the definition of hemorrhoids, its causes, how to get rid of Hemorrhoids fast, some prevention tips, and more.


What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are the swollen and inflamed veins in the lowest part of the large intestine (rectum) or around the anal opening. Sometimes the walls of those blood vessels stretch so much thin that the veins get irritated especially when your stools are coming out.

  • Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids occur far inside the rectum that you can’t usually see or feel them. And they don’t usually hurt because the human body has very few pain-sensing nerves there. Their only sign may be bleeding.

  • External Hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoid occurs under the skin around the anus. They can be felt and tend to cause pain because there are more pain-sensing nerves in that area of your body. So, they can hurt and can cause bleeding.

There are chances that a blood clot can form in an external hemorrhoid which then turn it into blue or purple color. This process is called thrombosis. It can hurt, itch, and bleed at the same time.

When the blood clot dissolves, there may still have a little skin left over, which may get irritated again.

Who Can Get Hemorrhoids?

It isn’t a rare and strange condition; your age or gender doesn’t matter. Many people have them, but they don’t know unless various problems like swelling and hurting start showing themselves. Women may get Hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and about half of the affected people have pain, bleeding, or other symptoms by the age of 50.

Possible Causes of Hemorrhoids

Some of the main reasons of getting hemorrhoids are:

  • The first reason of hemorrhoids is the excessive pressure on rectal and anal veins; it can be the pressure applied during the bowel movements. The anal veins enlarge, and hemorrhoids form when the straining puts pressure on the rectum which causes the blood to swell around the veins.
  • As included above, hemorrhoids can be developed during pregnancy.
  • Anal sex can also be a cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Being overweight is known to be the major cause of getting hemorrhoids.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • No exercise.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Spending more time on the toilet. Oh gosh, I spend so much time in the toilet but Good for me, this reason doesn’t work on me (till now). Please remember that Every cause, every reason and every method of treating your inflammations in not same and won’t for everyone!
  • Age above 50 is considered to be the most vulnerable age of getting piles because of the weakness of various tissues in your body.
  • According to some medical studies, the lack of erect posture in the patients suffering from spinal injuries is also found to be a major reason of getting piles.
  • And the last one is that if your parents had hemorrhoids outbreaks, then you may have them too.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast: Natural Remedies

 Here are some of the best natural home remedies that help in getting rid of your hemorrhoids quickly.

1) Soak Your Inflamed Area

A lot of people who had hemorrhoids know that how helpful a warm bath is. A warm bath is the most effective method for relieving the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids.



  • Fill a bathtub with at least 15 cm of warm water.
  • Lay on your back.
  • Soak in for a minimum 15 minutes in the hot bath.
  • Dry your affected area gently with a soft and clean cloth or use a hair dryer because moisture in that area can do further damage.
  • Repeat the same process two times every day to get rid of the itching, burning, and pain due to hemorrhoids.
  • This remedy will keep your anus clean from bacteria.

2) Try Cold Compress on Hemorrhoids

Have you noticed the athletes and sports persons apply enwrapped ice packs on their wounds—Why is that? To relieve the pain and burning. The same way using ice-packs on your hemorrhoids will do wonders in relieving the pain, itch, and burn.


How to do it? 

  • Just put some ice in an icepack or clean and soft towel or washcloth.
  • Hold the enwrapped ice on your anal area for about 15 minutes.
  • Do this 2 to 3 times a day, and it will make the pain and burning go away.

Precaution: Don’t put the ice directly on your anal area because it will increase the chances of frostbite; freezing of the skin.

3) Use Witch Hazel on your Hemorrhoids

The power and efficiency of Witch Hazel cannot be underestimated in many skin conditions including Hemorrhoids. It is a well-known remedy because it is high in astringent and is an excellent anti-inflammatory compound which is obtained from the bark and leaves of Hazel shrub, which is quite popular in North America.


How to Use:

  • Apply the Witch Hazel regularly on your hemorrhoids—This will shrink them down and even make them go away completely after regular use for some time.


  • Wipe your anus with Witch Hazel Pad after every bowel movement— This will soothe your skin and improve the condition of throbbing blood vessels.

4) Aloe Vera for Hemorrhoids

Aloe Vera is a precious gift of nature to the humankind. It comes with a lot of antiseptic and disinfectant properties that works in almost all kind of skin infections including hemorrhoids.


How to Use:

  • Cut a fresh leaf off Aloe Vera plant and extract the gel out of it — If you can’t acquire a fresh leaf, then use its cream, ointments, lotions, etc. instead.
  • Apply the gel on your affected area and leave it there for about 25 minutes.
  • Then wash off with clean water.
  • Do this process for 2 to 3 times a day.

Taking a spoon of Aloe Vera juice orally can be helpful in treating your internal hemorrhoids naturally.

In case applying Aloe Vera on your skin topically or consuming it orally causes discomfort, then leave this remedy and opt for another one in the list.

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5) Lemon Juice for Hemorrhoids

Lemon Juice in not less effective than other home remedies in many skin conditions as well as other problems.



  • Extract the juice from a fresh lemon and apply it on your affected area with a cotton ball.
  • Wash it off after 10 minutes.
  • Dry the affected area with a soft towel or hair dryer.
  • This will treat your hemorrhoids fast and naturally.


  • Mix about 1 tablespoon of olive oil and ten drops of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water.
  • Drink it every day in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • The water and oil are used to protect the dryness of your skin and the soreness of lemon juice helps in regulating the bowel movements.

6) Don’t forget the Tea Tree Oil Remedy

Tea Tree Oil has excellent anti-bacterial and antiviral properties which kill the bacteria and protect the skin against further outbreaks.


Have you ever tried Tea Tree Oil on any of your skin condition? Let us know in the comments!


  • Dab a cotton ball in tea tree oil and apply it on your hemorrhoids—Leave it for about 20 minutes—wash off.


  • Soak in a bath of warm water and 8-10 drops of tea tree oil mixed in it. This will soothe your skin and make the pain and itching go away.

7) The Manuka Honey

Last but not the least remedy in my list of curing the hemorrhoids fast and naturally is the Manuka Honey. No doubt honey is being used for ages to treat hundreds of illnesses and other skin conditions. Don’t worry, though Manuka Honey is known to be quite useful, but the ordinary honey can do the job as well.


Do this:

  • Apply the honey on your hemorrhoids with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Let it stay for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse off with clean water and gently dry your skin.

How to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Why waste time, energy, and money in finding solutions for treating your hemorrhoids naturally, with Over the Counter products, or even go for surgery if you can prevent it from coming back by being a little careful in what you are doing already or do a little bit more.

  • DO if you have to

I know that in many cases there is not a good time to make a bowel movement but sometimes waiting for the perfect moment can cause problems. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment but take a Moment and make it Perfect! lol

Why do I say so?

Here’s the explanation…

When you are delaying it, your stools become dry and go back in the rectum, which then causes additional pressure to come out. Then when you go to the toilet, you may find yourself straining. And pressure is one of the main reason for getting hemorrhoids outbreaks…Remember?

So whenever you feel the need to move your bowel, please don’t wait and go to a bathroom.

  • Don’t spend much time on the toilet

Spending more time sitting on the toilet put some extra pressure on your anal area. So, avoid spending more time on the toilets but in case you are constipated, then clean up and take a break then go again later.

  • Lose Some Weight

As I told you earlier that being overweight can be a reason of your hemorrhoids appearance. So, if this is your case, then lose some weight in order to live hemorrhoids free life. Consult your doctor that how much weight you need you loose and ask for healthy ways to do it.

  • Exercise

Taking as minimum as 30 minutes’ walk a day can be helpful, it makes your stool easier to come out.

If you are busy or a lazy ass, then do a 5 to 7 minutes’ walk every hour. Getting more exercise will also help you in losing weight.

  • Make some Dietary Changes

Here the dietary changes mean adding, omitting, or reducing the intake of various foods. You may need to do several hit and trial to find the best-balanced diet for yourself.

Foods to add include vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, prunes or prune juices, omega fatty acids, ground flaxseed, and a lot of water.

Foods to reduce or omit contain fried foods, dairy products, sodium, refined carbohydrates.

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When to See a Doctor for your Hemorrhoids?

Home treatments with natural home remedies will heal most of the hemorrhoids, but there are times when home treatments won’t work, and you will need medical attention. Pay serious attention to your symptoms to conclude whether you need to consult a doctor or not:

  • Pain and Bleeding should stop within 2 or 3 weeks, consult a specialist if these symptoms persist after a week.
  • You may need medical attention ASAP if your Hemorrhoidal bleeding’s color changes from bright red to dark red because this indicates that something else is wrong there.
  • If your symptoms become severe instead of improving while using remedies on it, you should see your doctor at earliest.
  • Bleeding from hemorrhoids generally occur with bowel movements, so if your rectal bleed at any other time, call your doctor.

 Bottom Line

Alright! I think this is enough for how to get rid of hemorrhoids, let me know in the comments if you have any question?

Have you learned something from this article? If so, then share it with your friends, family, and relatives because Sharing is Caring!

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