Top 5 Easy Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Moles – Good vs. Bad Moles

Though most of the moles are harmless but can be embarrassing at the same time. Moles can be considered as beauty marks, but some people may find it less attractive, Moles can appear alone as well as in a cluster and in different sizes. Whether it is of a pimple size (raised mole), or just on the surface of the skin, you can help yourself by reading this article till the end, I am going to share some of the treatment methods by which you can get rid of skin moles or make them less appear at least.


Oh GOD! I so much miss my Grandmother now, because of those those big and darker moles on her face—May She Rest in Peace!

Alright Hold on, I didn’t say all of the moles are harmless. Some of them are cancerous which can be recognized if a change in its length, size, or color is spotted. In case you are not feeling good about your moles (that feels to be cancerous ones), I strongly recommend visiting a dermatologist who will correctly diagnose your problem and may suggest an appropriate treatment method.

If you got benign (non-cancerous) moles, then before going for surgery, try natural home remedies to get rid of them naturally and without having potential risks. Home Remedies may or may not work on your moles on skin but WHO KNOWS?  It may work for you! Yes, I know what I am saying.

Before we jump into the treatment methods, let me add some basic knowledge for your ease.

What are Moles?

The medical name for a mole is melanocytic naevi. Moles are small colored bumps on the skin made up of melanocytes cells.

Moles are often of brown, red, black, and pink color. They generally occur at face, neck, arms, and legs but can also be expected on scalp, toes, and beneath the nails. They occur in different variation in color, size, and shape in different people.

Moles are painless unless you rub them or they grow against some part of your body.

Mostly moles appear in the age of 20 to 30 years, they can be raised or flat, with or without hair on it, smooth or rough.

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Causes of Moles on Skin

Some causes of the moles appearance on face or other parts of the body;

  • The overcharged melanocytes produce more than the required amount of melanin, which gives an invitation to the moles formation.
  • One of the main reason of moles formation is the prolonged sun exposure of the skin. The pigmentation of your skin cells grow and spread in all over the body due to exposure to sunlight, which means sunlight provide a suitable environment to mole formation.
  • Sometimes the sebaceous or oil glands can also cause mole appearance by producing excess oil. These moles feel rough when touched and are of yellow color.
  • Hormonal Changes during menstruation and pregnancy, while some moles are present at the time of birth.

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How do I know if Mole is Harmless?

The moles are most likely to be benign (Harmless) and nothing to worry about if it has the following traits:

  • Constant in color; It can be brown, black, flesh-colored, or colorless.
  • Circular in shape
  • Flat or a little raised
  • Doesn’t change its shape, color, and size, and looks the same from months.

How to tell if a Mole is Cancerous?

Though it is not so common, but a mole can be a sign of melanoma (cancerous mole), It will most likely to have at least one of the ABSDEs of the melanoma.

  • Asymmetry: One-half of the mole is different from the other half.
  • Border: Irregular or poorly defined border.
  • Color: Have variable shades of different colors.
  • Diameter: Usually bigger than 6mm.
  • Evolving: Clear change in size, shape, or color occur with time.

If you observe any one of the above symptoms of the cancerous moles, then visit a health care professional immediately. Please do not try to treat the cancerous moles by yourself whether its remedial treatment or surgical treatment (Cutting etc.).

But If your mole is a benign one, then try these remedies to remove them naturally.


Home Remedies to get Rid of your Moles on Skin

1- Garlic for Skin Moles

Many people claim that garlic is one of the effective remedy for removing moles from skin. It is an excellent source of enzymes which is good in breaking down the pigments that might be responsible for mole formation. Majority of the people choose garlic as their moles treatment because it is so fast that can remove your moles within one to three weeks. Few weeks is not much time for a bigger skin bump like mole.


Steps to Follow:

  • Crush the required amount of fresh garlic to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste on your moles and leave it overnight. Make sure that it doesn’t touch your unaffected skin because garlic has the tendency of burning the skin. You can also protect your good skin from garlic paste by applying oil or petroleum jelly around the mole.
  • Repeat this method daily and hopefully it will show some good results in about five days.

2- Try Iodine

If you have a sensitive skin and the garlic paste is too strong for you or you cannot sustain the smell of it, then opt for Iodine remedy to remove the moles from your skin.


Follow these steps:

  • Put some iodine directly onto your moles with the help of a Q-tip.
  • Do this process three times a day.
  • After a few days (about a week) of continuous usage of this remedy, you will see some improvements in your mole/moles — if yes, then stick to it until your mole falls off.

3- Apple Cider Vinegar on Skin Moles

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a wonderful home remedy that works in almost all Acne related problems. It is a strong natural acid which helps remove the moles by slightly burning them, making them dried to fall off on its own. Additionally, it is also a strong anti-bacterial agent, so you do not need to worry about other infections.


How to use ACV on your moles?

  • Dab a cotton ball in ACV and hold it against the affected area with the help of a gauze and medical tape.
  • Remove it in the morning or after 1 hour at least — wash your face.
  • Do this once a day.

Note: you can make this remedy even more effective by using an emery board to slightly scrape the surface of your moles. Apply the ACV to make the area white and then leave it to dry naturally. This method of removing skin mole should work faster.

Precaution: You should be sure that your skin is not allergic to ACV before using it on. How would I know that I am allergic to apple cider vinegar? Put a drop of ACV on your unaffected skin and wait for some time. It should sting in the start and normal after a while. If the sting persists after few seconds and still feels unpleasant, then you might be allergic to Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). In that case, you need to pursue another treatment method for your moles on skin.

4- Try Honey on your Moles

Honey is the oldest and most widely used home remedy for many diseases — Consuming orally and applying superficially. Honey is the natural anti-bacterial agent which give protection against germs and bacteria and promote healing. In short, honey can also do the job effectively if applied on skin moles.


How to use Honey on Skin Moles?

  • Dab a cotton ball or a Q-tip in honey (Preferably Manuka Honey) and apply it on your moles. You can add some soothing or softening flaxseed oil to make it more effective.
  • Leave it for overnight or one hour at least.
  • Wash it off with clean water.

5- Banana Peels for Moles on Skin

You might be thinking — What the heck? A banana peel? Yes, there are many evidences found that a banana peel is an effective remedy in drying out skin moles naturally. Of Course, it will take a little bit more time in falling off of moles.



  • Take a piece of the fresh banana peel.
  • Place it on your moles and hold it with a bandage.
  • Leave it overnight or for minimum one-hour.
  • Repeat this process daily until you see the desired results.

Note: Remember that this method is slow…So, if you are so hastened to get rid of your moles on skin fast, then opt for any other remedy.

Some Tips and Warnings about Moles

  • Most of the people will just try to get rid of their moles for cosmetic reasons, not understanding that each and every removal can leave a scar.
  • Moles can be attractive, try to get used to it and there’s no reason to remove it until and unless it is a cancerous mole.
  • Don’t pick or scratch your moles; they may bleed. And if they come fall, then there is a good chance of gifting you scars.
  • Don’t try to be a pro here — Never ever try to treat your moles surgically at home.
  • Keep an eye on your moles — If you suspect any changes in size, color, or shape, then it’s time to see your doctor at earliest.



There you have a full guide on moles; what is a mole, causes of moles, understanding the difference between benign and cancerous moles. And how to get rid of moles on skin with natural home remedies.

Removing moles with natural remedies can take quite a good time. So, patience is the key to success here. If you don’t see positive results after some time, then don’t lose hope and go for another remedy.

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