26 Hilarious AF Tweets about Acne that will definitely make you Laugh!


No matter where they are; Pimples are annoying and irritating for so many reasons. Because of the so much troubles acne can cause, it is undoubtedly a villain.

But in these times, people won’t stop creating humor and fun of even the baddest and harmful things/events.

Here are some the mind-blowing Tweets relating acne which will surely restore your mood if even having a bad day.


1. It happens!


2. What other Girls think vs. What I think 


3. I am Stressed 


4. Best Way to Get Rid of your Pimples


5. Thanks God!


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6. What the heck?


7. When you Can’t stop yourself from touching your Pimples


8. When?

This war is going to take a while sweetheart!


9. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase!


10. Pimples Thug Life!


11. Disappointed but not Surprised!


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12. OMG! I didn’t new that


13. A Zit in a Wrinkle?


14. True that!


15. The best part about Adult Acne?


16. When you get a Sponsor!


17. Ooh! be clear about what you mean


18. What is love?


19. The secret to younger looking skin!


20. I Surrender!


21. Whyyyyy?


22. Lol!


23. No Words for you and your Pimple!


24. How nice of him


25. Proud of You Gal! ? 


26. No, I don’t know her!

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