6 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Body Acne and it’s Prevention

You don’t need to worry about pimples anymore, whether it’s on your face, nose, back or all over the body. Because in this article I will be telling you the reasons of those annoying acne development, Types of pimples, how to prevent pimples and How to get rid of body acne or pimples.


Why Acne appears on my Body?

The fundamental reason of acne breakout is always the clogging of pores which becomes clogged due to many reasons; that can be an excessive amount of oil, trapped dirt, sweat, hormonal changes especially in pregnant women and teenagers, or even wrong selection of hair products.

The Sebaceous glands are situated deep in our skin which continuously producing sebum or oil and transfers it outside the skin through hair follicles. Sometimes it starts producing more than the required amount of oil, which our hair follicles can’t manage and gets blocked.

The Hair Follicles when gets blocked, are called Pores.

The hair follicles, inside our skin, when gets clogged, and the pus is trapped in it, causing enlargement of the pores and may get burst at some time, mainly because of popping a pimple. Then the bacteria and dead skin cells spread in the surrounding and can affect more of our skin.

Other reasons for Acne outbreak can be anxiety, stress, pollution and wrong diet, etc.

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Why do I get Acne only in the Summer?

That is because you sweat more in the summer and that sweat can cause clogging of pores which is directly proportional to more acne.

So, ensure taking a shower after every workout or other hard labor work that makes you sweat. Try to wear loose clothes that is because very fit dressings do not allow sweat to move and remains on our body which can cause the blocking of our hair follicles.


How can I Prevent Body Acne?

Well, there are numerous things you can do to help your body do not get affected by acne and can live pimples free life.

1)    Showering before bed

Taking a shower every day can be an overkill for some people that is because they don’t know what it can do for them.

I would not talk about taking a shower at morning, but going to bed without showering is really an unwise decision if you often experience acne because the dirt, oil, and bacteria collected by your body in the whole day should be cleaned before going to bed.

The bacteria, oil, and dirt create a favorable environment for the clogging of pores, and these nasties will transfer to your bed if not cleaned before you sleep.

2)    Make a habit of wearing loose and lighter cotton clothes

       Tight and fit clothes during the workout will keep and rub the sweat onto your skin which can cause pores blockage. Ensure the wearing of breathable clothes which will wicks away sweat and keep you safer.

3)    Clean your bedsheet regularly

Change or wash your bedsheet and pillowcases at least once a week if you experience severe acne because the germs and dirt from your pillowcases and bedsheet could block your pores if you don’t wash them regularly.

Also, wash your coats, hoodies, and scarves often.

4)    Use Non-comedogenic or Oil Free makeup products Only

Since Oil is the main cause of acne formation on your skin, that is why using Makeup products that contain a lot of oil is not recommended anymore.

Many brands offer oil-free makeup products which you can use without any fear of zits breakout.

5)    Get your Beauty Rest

Stress is another cause of acne breakouts. So, taking a good sleep and relaxation meditations is a good idea to prevent and heal your pimples naturally.

6)    Get Daily Exercise

Exercise not only helps getting rid of fats but it will work in your skin problems too.

Exercise helps in blood circulation and stress relief; this blood circulating activity will not only remove the dead skin cells but will also open the pores for oil flow.


How to get rid of Body Acne with Natural Home Remedies

1)     Try Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a well-known and widely used home remedy for the treatment of skin inflammation. Tea Tree Oil, obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia of Australia, has great antibacterial and antifungal properties which help reduce your acne or even make them disappear with some time. It acts as a hostile to microbes and eliminates the dead skin cells and acne causing bacteria.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil on your Acne?

  • Take a tiny amount of Tea Tree Oil.
  • Mix it with 9x amount of water.
  • Apply the mixture on your affected areas with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Rinse it off with clean water after 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this process twice a day.
  • You can keep the mixture for later use.


Never ever use pure Tea Tree Oil on your Acne because it can cause redness, over-drying, and tingling. Always make sure to mix it with water by 1:9 proportion. This implies 1 portion/drop/ml of Tea Tree Oil with 9 portions/drops/ml of water to be on the safe side.

2)    Use Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of Body Acne

Apple Cider Vinegar or simply ACV can also do wonders in treating your body acne naturally. It has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which not only help get rid of zits but maintain the pH level of your skin, which is disturbed by acne breakouts.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be applied topically on the affected areas as well as it can also be consumed orally after mixing it with honey or water.

Steps to Follow:

  • Take a little amount of ACV.
  • Blend it with some water.
  • Apply it on your acne with a cotton ball.
  • Let it stay for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with clean and lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this process twice or thrice a week.


Ensure diluting the Apple Cider Vinegar with some water before applying it on your affected areas.

3)    Aloe Vera for Acne

Another effective treatment is the natural Aloe Vera Gel, which is astringent in nature and will stop the excessive oil production, makes the skin smooth and charming, kill the acne causing bacteria, and remove the dead skin cells.

How to use it:

  • Acquire Aloe Vera Leaves.
  • Extract the juice out of it.
  • Apply the extracted juice/gel on your acne.
  • Rinse it off with water after 20 minutes or leave it overnight.
  • Repeat this process twice a day.

If you can’t get fresh leaves of Aloe Vera plant, then use its Cream, Lotion, Ointment, etc.

4)    Try Honey

Honey is an ancient remedy used for centuries for healing cuts and wounds and other diseases because of its healing promoting properties.

How to use honey?

  • Take a tiny amount of Manuka Honey, obtained from the Manuka trees.
  • Apply it on your affected areas with the help of a Q-tip.
  • Leave it overnight, and make sure to cover your pillow with a towel or cloth.
  • Wash it off with clean and warm water.
  • Do this once a day.

Manuka Honey is used as an alternative medicine, but regular honey will also do the job.

You can also use a Honey Turmeric mask on your choice.

5)    Using Cinnamon for treating body Acne

Take advantage of the strong anti-acne properties of Cinnamon against two strains of acne-causing bacteria; Staphylococcus epidermidis and Propionibacterium acnes. Moreover, it is also used for healing cuts and injuries because it kills the bacteria and stops them from spreading.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Make a mixture of Cinnamon powder with water.
  • Apply it on your zits.
  • Wash it off after 10 minutes.
  • Do this once a day.

6)    Toothpaste

Sounds strange? Yes, toothpaste can also be used for an emergency pimple treatment because of some of its constituents.

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Choosing a right Toothpaste for Acne Treatment:

  • Select toothpaste that is white in color.
  • Stay away from the Teeth-Whitening ones.
  • Avoid using Gel based toothpaste.
  • Avoid using a toothpaste on your whiteheads that contains Fluoride.

Usage Advice is four times a week.


Wrapping Up:

Acne and the reason behind its formation is different for everyone, but there may be some simple ways to make your skin acne-free. It may take some time to figure out what works for you and what not but don’t hesitate to give a shot to these natural remedies for How to get rid of body acne and have a clear and charming face.

As usual, I will strongly recommend to visit a doctor if you have severe acne, stay informed, stay healthy and stay happy.

Please share your experience with us in the comment box and do share this valuable piece of content with your friends and family because Sharing is Caring.


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