How to Pop a Blackhead? A Safe and Step by Step Guide

Blackheads are a type of pimples, one side of which is opened to air, because of which they attain black or dark gray color due to the oxidation of its debris inside the pores. Alright, let’s jump to your question how to pop a blackhead (or comedo)? Well, picking a pimple (or blackhead specifically) doesn’t require rocket science, its process is very straight forward, you just need to be very much careful.


Before writing a step by step method for removing or extracting blackheads manually, let me tell you…

Why Do Blackheads Form?

Blackheads come out because of the same reason as that for other types of pimples, i.e., clogged pores.

When your sebaceous glands start generating more than the required amount of oil, which makes the hair follicles unstable and can get blocked, and the bacteria and the dead skin cells become trapped in it.

Acne or pimple formation (whiteheads, blackheads, nodules, pustules, cyst acne, etc.) is your skin’s natural process of healing and dealing with those germs and bacteria.

Some other reasons behind the blocking of pores are poor hygiene, dirt, improper diet, sweat, and hormonal changes, etc.


Who can pop a Blackhead?

Everyone can remove a blackhead with a Comedo (Blackhead) Extractor Tool, but I would recommend visiting a professional or preferably a Dermatologist to allow them do what they are expert in.

Let’s do this…

How to Pop Blackheads Properly with a Comedone Extractor Tool?

Follow these steps to get rid of your blackheads permanently without getting scars.

STEP (1) Prepare Your Skin

  • Clean your Face:

Wash your face (or where the blackheads are) to remove any makeup or dirt and gently pat dry with a soft towel before starting the extraction process.

  • Loosen Your Pores:

Boil some water in a saucepan and take a facial steam for about 6 minutes to loosen up your pores, as when it’s pores are loosen, Comedones can be easily extracted.

  • You can place a towel over your head to direct the steam flow towards your affected area.
  • Keep some distance between your face and steam. It should feel pleasant, not strident.
  • A little bit of irritation is normal, but stop the facial steam if it keeps increasing.

Step (2) Time to Use the Blackheads Extractor Tool

  • Soak the Comedon Extractor in rubbing alcohol for 1 minute to remove the bacteria from it and to ensure that you are treating your blackheads and not spreading the infection.

You should keep some of the rubbing alcohol on your hands to make it a no go area for bacteria.

Also, you should wear vinyl gloves for the same reason i.e. to prevent bacteria from spreading.

  • Position the hole of the extractor around the blackhead you want to remove.

If you are dealing with your blackheads in ear (or on any place where you can’t see them properly), then consider buying magnifying mirrors which should be cheaply available at your nearest pharmacy or departmental store.

  • Apply some pressure downward on the extractor (equally on all sides) gently to constrain the blackhead to come out of the pore.

Don’t make yourself relaxed when a little bit of material comes out. The reason is that blackheads and whiteheads can occur deep inside the skin.
Make sure to remove all the residue by applying pressure on the extractor from different angles.

– Repeat the same process for popping another blackhead.

– Make sure to Sanitize/Clean the extractor before using it again.

Step (3) What to Do After You Pop Blackheads?

After extracting a comedon, there’s a small and unnoticeable opened pore remains, which would be quite vulnerable to bacteria attacks and future blackheads outbreak as well as some other skin infections too.

Apply a little amount of astringent (salicylic is an excellent astringent) on your fresh wounds to provide shelter from bacteria and further outbreaks. Then follow up with a moisturizer to keep it safe from drying out.

Precaution: Avoid applying makeup on your skin if you haven’t treated it with an astringent.

Note: You can use ice to close up your pores instead of astringent.


A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about popping Blackheads

  • Should I squeeze all the Blackheads?

Hell No, the old, extra black, and stubborn blackheads are the ones that you should pop. Why? Because the fresh ones are softer and don’t require much efforts. Then can easily go away with natural home remedies.

Picking small and newly formed comedones can increase your skin’s irritations because they are so small and can be covered with the pores opening.


Wrapping Up

You can use the above method to pop blackheads on your lips, nose, ear, forehead, back or on any other parts of the body manually with a best blackheads remover tool, but if you feel uncomfortable with extracting blackheads manually, then consider reading this article, best natural ways to get rid of blackheads, in which I have written a lot about home remedies and medical remedies that can make your blackheads go away naturally and some prevention tips are also included in it.

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