From You look Disgusting to You look Beautiful! A journey of Beauty

Meet Em Ford; She’s a self-taught makeup artist from London.

She is also running a blog and a YouTube channel called “My Pale Skin” where she shares skin tips and tricks and other makeup tutorials.


She started her blog in January 2014 and then on several requests from her blog audience, she started a YouTube channel in the June 2014 on the same name; i.e. My Pale Skin.

In an interview to Buzzfeed, Ford says that she had relatively clear skin in her early twenties. But the acne starts messing up her skin in late 2014, and it was worst in early 2015.


Since the starting of her blog, Ford has received over hundred thousand negative comments about her skin.

And then … What best can be expected of the majority of the YouTube viewers?

Abusive comments like “You look disgusting” and “Have you ever washed your face?” started appearing on her YT videos.


So, Ford made a beautiful video to address the haters!

In which first she appeared bare-faced with the bad comments coming over her. Then she put makeup and shows the shifting of the comments from “how ugly she is” to “how beautiful she is.” As if the beauty is only in the powders, creams, and brushes.


Ford Further added;

“It was heartbreaking and upsetting at first, but after some time I stopped worrying about what other people think and learned to be thankful and happy with what I have.

“I’ve learned to accept my skin in the good days and the bad days.”

“You could have a flawless skin but still may not feel good about it if you search for beauty in the wrong places.”

Quite an Inspirational Story Girl! Cheers!


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Courtesy: Buzzfeed


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