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While randomly surfing on the web, a post title about using pee on pimples grabbed my attention. But reading that post wasn’t enough for me.

So, I tried googling about it, and what I found was absolutely crazy. People around the world are actually using this craziest remedy for curing their acne.


Urine for Acne? Seriously?

Believe it or not, your liquid gold is not of totally ZERO value, here’s why;

  • You can drink it if you end up in an Alive or Dead situation somewhere. However, drinking your pee for an adventure like purpose is totally a bad idea.
  • Applying pee all over your body isn’t that big deal, especially if the prize is Acne Free Skin, and that is proved by my nephew (he’s a toddler ?).


Many people around the world have tried it as an acne treatment, and majority of them got insanely positive results.

Want to read their reviews by yourself? Go here and here too.


How to use Pee on my Acne?

Well, the method is simple and usual, you need a Q-tip or a cotton ball or a wad of toilet paper.

Choose any of the three, get it a little wet and apply it on your affected areas. Wash off after 20 to 30 minutes, they say it works better than Aspirin.

Note: First-morning urine is recommended for this purpose because it tend to have more urea concentrated in it.


Let’s have a Glimpse of Science about it

If we take a look at the Science for this technique. Well, it isn’t a baseless idea.

Urea is a component of Urine, which has a good history is skin beauty.

It is a moisturizing and Peeling (keratolytic) agent and it is important as hell for scaly and dry skins, here’s the proof of this.

It is also a good preservative agent, to make the other chemicals in your beauty products last longer. The types of urea that can be used in skin products are hydroxyethyl urea and diazolidinyl.

An FDA supported association, The Cosmetic Ingredient Review has released a 50 pages report that give PLUS points to the cosmetic use of urea.

Urine was also the important ingredient in mouthwashes till 18th century.




Here’s the catch,

The urea used in skin products is highly concentrated; i.e Skin Care products have 10% to 15% urea, but the Urine will have 5% or lesser of it.

So, applying pee on your skin might not be the best idea (Proved Scientifically!)

PLUS, the urea used in skin care products in not animal derived BUT a synthesized one!


Do You Know?

Madonna actually pees on her feet to prevent tinea pedi (athlete’s foot).



I think this is your responsibility to make/write the conclusion of this post by answering the still Un-answered question:

Would you use Urine on your Skin Irritation?

  • Yeah, why buy something I produce.
  • No, Hell No, Stay away from me.

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