Your Guide to Identifying and Treating that Embarrassing Pimple on Scrotum

We see people have become more and more conscious about their skins than ever before. But skin problems don’t just restrict themselves to your face and general body areas. Skin problems can develop on your intimate areas as well. But most of us might find it a bit embarrassing to seek a professional medical advice. So here is your complete go-to guide to know what actually these warts, acne, or Pimple on Scrotum really are. In here you will find what falls under the category of being benign and what needs to be taken seriously.


Why a Pimple on Scrotum?

Pimples or other skin problems can grow on your genital areas as well. A white, red or even a black colored speck can develop anywhere on your private area. Generally speaking, here is why:

  • The skin in your genital area is sensitive and very thin.
  • Acne-like outbreaks can develop because your private area is practically moist all of the time.
  • Moreover, friction from some particular types of clothing or even from thigh-skin might be the basis of itchiness and tiny Goosebumps like pimples.
  • Wrong techniques of shaving can root ingrown hair right underneath the skin of scrotum that are similar to pimples or blade-bumps.

Various Kinds of Pimple on Scrotum:

  • Pimples/ Genital Warts due to Herpes, STDs:

STD might not always be the reason behind a pimple on scrotum but actually these might point toward the growth of a potential STD or the herpes disease.

Genital Warts are the tough bumps appearing over the skin of genital area. They might start off as tiny specks of flesh over your skin and then gradually start developing into pimples lookalikes.

Herpes and warts general character are the sore, aching boils. Some of these might contain a pus-like fluid in them.

  • Shaving bumps or hair follicles in the Scrotal Region

Small bumps on the scrotal sack are often misunderstood for some serious warts while they are just the harmless bumps caused by the hair follicles of the genital hair growing in that area. The skin on the scrotum is very fine that is why these zits can look much pronounced than normal. Yellow colored or at time white colored zits development might be caused by shaving the wrong way. This might be referred to as folliculitis.

Using razors to remove the genital hair growing on the sensitive skin of your genial area can make the hair curl back inwards making them grow under the skin. The best way to avoid these is to stop using tweezers or wax for hair removal in this area.

  • Folliculitis – white colored pimple on the scrotum

Reddened or septic hair follicles can be the reason behind folliculitis. Often resembling whiteheads, these tiny zits of white color appear on your private area and cause general discomfort.

To avoid this, try and maintain a proper sterility driven lifestyle. Even when these are not so harmful, they might still need medical attention. You might get prescribed with an anti-seditious ointment to boot out that irritating itch.

  • Cancerous Lumps:

A key indication of testicular cancer is appearance of a hard bulge right on the scrotum area which does not usually induce pain. But don’t worry about every zit being cancerous in nature. Visit your physician to remove any such confusion.

  • Blood Milking Pimple on Scrotum:

Blisters that contain and might ooze blood are also known as angiokeratomas. These might just start bleeding and not stop. These are known to be a result of distended veins in the scrotum area and are harmless.

  • Fordyce Acnes:

Most people have their sebaceous glands noticeable on their genital skin. These are called as the Fordyce spots. These are generally small lumps that are white in color and painless. These may appear on other areas of your body like your face or your legs.

  • Sebaceous Cysts (solid pimple on scrotum)

Slight, solid bumps or pimples on your scrotum or your scrotal sack might be benign lumps from ingrowing hair. If not, they might be benign sebaceous cysts.

  • Jock Itch (itchy zits on genitals):

If you notice an appearance of a scratchy or sore rash on the area of your scrotum, your inner thighs, on the groin or around your bums, it might be the Jock itch. The lumps caused are more brownish than red in color and typically result in serious uneasiness.

  • Recurrent Whiteheads on Scrotum:

There are bumps that don’t seem to leave you and keep on appearing again and again on the skin on your genital area. Many physicians suggest this is not something serious and is typically an outcome of shaving routine of the area. If you are in a habit of regularly waxing or shaving your genital area, then it can just be the razor bumps that leave ingrown hair.

  • Pimple on Scrotum that is Painful:

Be it red or white, if you have pimples that are painful then these probably could be inflamed sebaceous cysts. This contamination can happen when bacteria in the scrotal region cross the threshold of these cysts. Once septic, these cysts get painfully swollen and might start exuding pus.

Its treatment normally comprises of the usage of antibiotics or even surgical removal is opted to remove larger cysts.

How to Treat a Pimple on Scrotum?

Medical science has advanced unprecedentedly that we now have cures for almost every disease. While there are many medicinal treatments and cures that you can choose to aid you in treating these pimples on the scrotal sack. There are certain home remedies available as well. Your choice of cure management will depend chiefly on the causes of your bumps.

Here is a list of some of the options you have to fight the occurrence of pimples and bumps in your scrotal as well as genital:

  • Corticosteroids (Injectable) for Reddened, Irritated Pimples:

Most of these pimples or zits that can also be sebaceous cysts too, are typically slight and normally don’t really cause any trouble. But if you are feeling pain and undergoing discomfort, then they might be exacerbated.

Once checked, your doctor may advise precise injections for irritation relief like the artificial steroids of the likes of Triamcinolone actinides that are known to be valuable in decreasing irritation and infection.

  • Antibiotics can treat Folliculitis:

Cleanliness and good hygiene help remove the effects of folliculitis but if the effects linger even after that Antibiotics need to be directed then in order to eliminate any pimple on the scrotum. If the genital area is largely scratchy and rough, try using a warm pad to relieve the itchiness and also to keep the area dry.

  • Anti-Fungal Treatments for Jock Itch:

Anti-fungal prescriptions can be really effective in treating the pimples or the itchy rash that has resulted out of jock itch. While keeping the scrotal area clean and dry can do the trick, but when not following are the two medications that can be prescribed:

Ointments containing Zinc oxide are the best option in blotting the additional moistness in the scrotum or groin area and to stop the itch.

If it is the fungus that’s causing the jock itch, Antifungal ointments can be useful if applied to the area for about a month.

  • Surgical Removal of pimple on Scrotum:

Lumps of the size varying from medium to large might necessitate a surgical removal. It is particularly useful when you are facing the problem of budding, solid lumps. Sebum, blood or pus is removed by making small slits on the surface of the skin on the scrotal sack.

This procedure provides partial drainage to the trapped fluid. But if this isn’t solving your issue then a minor surgery might be carried out to remove the pimple to stop it from occurring again.

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Natural Therapeutic approach against Scrotal Pimples/Zits:

Nature has a cure for every problem of ours. While it is always advised that you seek professional medical treatment, these home remedies are the treatments that you can give a try without having to disclose your embarrassing problem to anyone else.

Following is a list of approaches to treat scrotal acne, pimples in a way that is closer to nature:

  1. Always keep your genital area cleaned suitably by washing it with an anti-bacterial soap. Never use ornamental, beauty soaps to clean the sensitive regions. Also, make sure to completely wash the soap off you. If even the tiniest traces of cosmetic soap are left on the skin, it can cause irritation.


  1. It is always good to exfoliate your private parts to clear out the grime, dust, bacteria, dead skin and also sebum that are stuck in the pores of your skin. Use oatmeal and fresh cream combined together and use as a scrub. Genially scrub your entire genital area. Baking soda can also be used as a scrub. But this might inflict adverse effects on the sensitive skin of the scrotum area.


  1. Always use a warm (not hot) compress over your pimples to unstiffen the top skin covering the zits and pimples. Use a super soft towel soaked in warm water and squeeze out excess water. Now gently press on the pimples, do not rub. This action will soothe your irritated skin and greatly reduces the scratchy itchiness.


  1. Once a week, take a dip in Epsom salt bath. Fill a bath tub with warm water and add 1 big cup of Epsom salt to it. Now relax in this bath for like 20 minutes or until the water gets cold. Step out of the bath and wash your genitals and dry them properly.


  1. Pimples that are all dried up are more likely to heal much faster. So make sure you always dry your genital area very thoroughly. The slightest of the moisture remains, and you will find pimple on scrotum.


  1. Next, always smear a skinny coating of benzoyl peroxide on the areas that are affected with the zits and/or acne. This gel has components that work on absorbing the excess amounts of oil present in the pimples thus leaving them to dry out and curl. The drier the pimples are; the least amounts of bacteria will get a chance to enter.


  1. Make a habit of changing your underwear recurrently particularly when you sweat more than normal. Change your undies twice in one day to avoid letting the bacteria getting back in on your affected area.


  1. Always opt for cotton underwear. Avoid wearing undies made of nylon or other materials that are treated chemically. These also are fitted tight to the skin hence suffocating the genitals. This results in absorption of dirt and sweat in the pores on the skin. These clogged pores provide the best refuge to the bacteria. Wear loose underclothes made with cotton to avoid any such septic wart outburst.


  1. Wash HPV off your underwear positively. Dip your undies in hot, scalding water and let this stay dipped for good 15 – 20 minutes. This will kill all the bacteria. Now wash it normally with soap and water. But be sure to wash out all the soap from the underwear because even the dried up soap can worsen your scrotum acne really bad because of the acidic chemicals in it.

Should you be worried about these pimples?

These pimples or warts on scrotum could just be the ingrown hair that is a result of your bad way of shaving or could possibly be instigated by a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or Cancer. There is no way you could figure out on your own if the wart that is painful is dangerous or the one that doesn’t pain is not. It is always recommended to seek a professional physician’s opinion regarding the correct diagnosis of your skin condition.

While the DIY home remedies always seem simpler, there might be some that could get harsh to the overly sensitive skin of your intimate region. It is therefore strongly advised that you seek medical help. Check with a dermatologist if you have serious cystic acne that is itchy and feels inflamed.

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