Various Skin Problems and their Treatments, Causes, and Prevention

No matter if you are 15 or 45 there may be some problems with your skin or at least a single one because life is not perfect…right?  Some have skin tags or moles that make them uncomfortable and then wants to get rid of it at the soonest possible time (though the majority of the skin moles are harmless and can give a beautiful look too).

While others may have rashes, hives, hemorrhoids, or jock itch that brings torment in the form of pain, itchiness, and burning.


Whether it’s one of the above problem or other skin issues like ingrown hair, ingrown toenail, or puffy eyes, these can make your life hell with the attack on your beauty or causing hell of a pain, itchiness, and burning sensations.

This article will be covering many skin problems and their solutions, so make use of the Table of Content to read what you are interested in.

Note: This article doesn’t have any material about Acne and Pimples, If you are interested in that, then go to the Navigation Menu, and find your desired topic in the Skin Care category.

Skin Moles


Some people love to have moles on their skin while others hate them, some consider it as beauty marks while others think it makes them less attractive.

Overall, moles are not that bad (if not cancerous), try to get used to it, and you may soon find its beauty and attraction on your skin.

Some signs of a harmless mole are that it would be constant in color, circular in shape, a little or not raised. Changes don’t occur in its shape, size, and color.

Few signs that make a mole cancerous are; Variation in overall color of the mole, not defined border, bigger in size than 6mm usually, changes occur in its size, shape, or color wit time.

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Skin Rash

A rash is basically the change in color, texture or appearance of one part of the skin or the whole skin. A rash can also be defined as the irritated and swollen part of the skin or the whole skin.


Rashes can occur anywhere on your skin like on your back, on the arm, under the armpit, on your neck, chest, etc., etc.

No matter what your age is, you may have probably experienced a rash at some point in your life. Finding the root cause of a rash can be difficult, sometimes rashes happen due to poison ivy while other times it may have caused from the food you ate (food irritants), household chemicals, clothing, digestion problem, certain medications, illness.

Tip: If any area of your skin come in contact with some substances like poison ivy, sumac, or oak, immediately wash that area with a good amount of water.

Rashes can do the following to your skin; become warm, blistered, itching, and hurting.

Treatment for Skin Rashes

Most of the rashes go away after some time without any medical treatment, however, home remedies can help relieve the itch and pain brought about the condition to keep you calm and relaxed until the rash get vanished.

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Hives are also known as Urticaria, hives are small and raised bumps on the skin having a pale red color. Of Course, they often cause itchiness with the possibility of pain and burning too.


The size of these bumps in diameter ranges from few millimeters to several inches and may appear in a cluster form which can affect the larger area of the skin, the hives occurrence in larger groups are called plaques.

Hives are generally not dangerous, but sometimes it can be a sign of more serious problem especially when there is difficulty in breathing.

Here’s a complete guide about the causes, symptoms, and getting rid of hives naturally.

Note: In most cases, hives go away in a day, if your hives stay longer than few days then you should have a visit and checked them by a dermatologist.

Jock Itch

Jock itch, also known as tinea cruris, is a fungal infection which affects the skin that is getting almost no sunlight i.e genitals, buttocks, and inner thighs. Jock itch basically causes a red and itchy rash, often of circular shape in these warm and moist areas of the body.


These rashes are called jock itch because it is more common in the people who sweat a lot for example athletes. Its occurrence is also more in overweight people.

Besides the un-comfortability and irritation, jock itch is usually not serious.

Jock Itch can be treated quickly with some home remedies and a little bit of self-care.



Hemorrhoids are the swollen blood vessels in the anal area that can occur both the internally (called Internal Hemorrhoids) and externally (called External Hemorrhoids). External Hemorrhoids are much painful than the Internal ones because of the reason that there are more pain-sensing nerves in the external area of the rectum in human body. And the Internal Hemorrhoids can be not so painful because of the less pain-sensing nerves there.

Hemorrhoids aren’t a rare condition, according to a survey, about 50% of the people in U.S is affected by it.

Their favorite time of occurrence in women is the time during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids can cause hell of a pain during the bowel movement.

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Ingrown Hair

Strange pimples like bumps appeared on your skin? but they are not pimples, they are not hives, so what are they? Well, they can be ingrown hairs!


Ingrown Hairs are hairs that are turned around and grown back into the skin instead of rising from it.

When the dead skin cells or extra oil along with the bacteria clog up your pore (hair follicle), that forces the hair to grow in the opposite direction instead of growing upward and outward from the skin.

Other reasons may be the cutting of curly hairs too closely, and a high level of certain sex hormones.

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Ingrown Toenail

An Ingrown Toenail is a nail that grows into the skin instead of over it. It is a painful condition that can be caused due to many reasons like tight shoes, improper nail care etc.


The people who have diabetes, are usually more vulnerable to this problem, so more care should be taken if you are one of the unlucky ones. I don’t mean to disappoint you here, life can be still wonderful while having diabetes and I hope you are living a great life!

The symptoms of an Ingrown Nail are redness, pain, and swelling, and the development of pus (this happens rarely).

If your ingrown nail is uninfected then it can be treated at home, but if it is infected then you may go and see a doctor for better treatment.

Puffy Eyes

Who like to have puffy eyes? Of course, we all hate those bags under the eyes because it is a direct attack on our beauty. Sometimes you may have had a great sleep, and the puffiness will appear for absolutely no clear reason.


Sometimes your judgmental colleagues or friends will conclude that you have cried a lot last night. And they may not have known that there are plenty of other reasons for which you can get puffy eyes.

The reason of getting puffy eyes include stress, allergies, styes, improper diet, more consumption of salt, etc., etc.

However, there are some easy solutions available to get rid of the puffy eyes.

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Wrapping Up

So these were some of the skin problems that you may have suffered at any moment of your life or even experiencing right now?

Keep in mind that this article doesn’t contain anything about Acne and Pimples, if you are interested reading about them, then make use of the above Navigation Menu and find your required material in the Skin-Care category.

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